Hobbywing XeRun V10 G3 sensored brushless Motor 10.5T

Hobbywing XeRun V10 G3 sensored brushless Motor 10.5T
Perfect for Drift and other 1/10th scale cars & buggys (sensor cable included)
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DESIGN matters. It’s a motor specially designed for Extremely High-Level Racing. The RMP of G3 Stock motor is significantly improved, the KV & torque are improved by 16% and 4% respectively, compared with the V10 G2 Stock motor.

  • Lightweight. The G3 Modified & Stock motors only weigh 161g & 132g respectively, the weights are reduced by 11% & 21% when compared with the previous generation G2 motors.
  • The built-in high precision Hall sensor combined with the high precision and balanced rotor guarantee outstanding linearity of the motor.
  • The mechanical timing can be adjusted finely and smoothly; the skid-proof lines on the rear end plate of the motor guarantee the stability of the timing after adjustment. For G3 Stock motors (10.5T~25.5T), the timing is adjustable from 30 degrees to 60 degrees; for Modified motors (3.5T~8.5T), the timing is adjustable from 20 degrees to 50 degrees.
  • The motor case is designed to be easy to dismantle for maintenance purposes and for the replacement of common wearing parts.
  • The special shell design which makes the stator core expose to the air maximizes cooling. Big holes on the end plates of 10.5T~21.5T motors further help reduce heat; small holes on the end plates of 5.5T~8.5T motors effectively keep sand or dirt from getting inside and damaging the motor(s).
  • The use of high-performance stator core, heat(200℃)-resistant wire, heat(200℃)-resistant rotor with strong structure, imported high precision and high strength bearings, and copper solder tabs with super current endurance guarantees outstanding performance and super durability.
  • It’s compliant with IFMAR, ROAR, EFRA, BRCA rules, and certificated by RoHS, CE, FCC
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3.5T, 4.5T, 5T Modified Class of 1/10th & 1/12th On-road Racing
5.5T, 6T, 6.5T Modified Class of 1/10th 4WD Off-road Racing
6.5T OnRoad Spec
Modified Class of 1/12th On-road Racing
7T, 7.5T, 8T, 8.5T 1/10th Drift, 2WD Off-road Racing
10.5T 1/10th Drift, 1/10th STOCK Class On-road, Off-road
13.5T, 17.5T 1/10th STOCK Class Racing
21.5T, 25.5T 1/10th STOCK Class Racing, Rock Crawler
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