GNB 2S 6500mah 100c battery

GNB 2S 6500mah 100c battery
A good option for Rock crawlers & RC cars.
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Perfict for Rock crawlers & RC cars that require 2s packs, can also be run in series to make a 4s 6500mah for 8th scale e buggy & truggy.

Depending on setup, these packs will last a 10min e buggy & truggy final and maintain a good level of punch because or the 100c rating 


Capacity 6500mAh

Configuration 2S1P

Nominal Voltage 7.4V

Dimension 25.1*47*139mm

Weight 290g (+/-10g)

Max cont. discharge (C-rate) 100C

Max Burst (3Sec) (C-rate) 200C

Charge Connector 2.0 built-in bullet with gold electroplated

Discharge Connector 5.0 built-in bullet with gold electroplated

Working Temperature Charge 0~45°C

Working Temperature Discharge (-20~60°C)

Working Humility 65%RH +/-20%

Storage Temperature (-20~35°C)

Storage Humility 65%RH +/-20%




Don't over-charge, or over-discharge batteries.

Don't put it beside the high temperature condition.

Don't throw it into fire.

Don't throw it into water.


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