Complete 30kg servo winch for TRX4

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Complete 30kg servo winch for TRX4
Grunty servo winch setup

A complete package for your TRX4.

Becasue this winch is servo powered, you will need a spare channel in your reciver and a 3 position switch on your transmitter to control it.


1x 32kg HV 360 JX servo

1x Brass TRX4 servo winch mount

1x wire and tow hock

1x alloy cable drum




High-voltage digital hollow cup standard steering gear

Taiwan high precision gear

Double ball bearing

CNC aluminum inner shell


PDI-HV5932MG-360° continuous transfer detailed specifications:

Dead zone: 1μs

Maximum pulse width: 500-2500us, pulse width is stopped at 1500us (suitable for remote control, MCU control board)

Angle range: 360° continuous turn

Motor: Hollow cup

Speed (6.0V): 73 rpm

Speed (8.4V): 102 rpm

Size: 40.5X20.5X36mm

Weight: 59g

Cable: JR 265 mm (10.43in)

Bearing: 2BB

Output teeth: 25T (Futaba universal)

Includes steering gear kit, one-word, half-section, cross, *-type, disc, related screws


Suit Traxxas TRX4

Material: Brass

Color: Brass

Brass mount: 115g

Aluminum mount: 36g

Winch wheel: 11g



  • TRX-4 Overdrive gears
  • TRX-4 Aluminum Motor mount plate
  • TRX-4 Fender extensions
  • TRX-4 Drive shaft plastic kit
  • TRX-4 Shock towers
  • GPM Aluminium front bumper with D-rings
  • TRX-4 Sport body (holes cut for LED's version)
  • TRX-4 Sport body (holes cut for LED's version)



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